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The infrastructure of Zmeevaya Bay was renewed In the Trans-Baikal National Park.

I would even say they did not update but built it again. We were convinced of this during the trip at the very beginning of November. Today, I was already in a drift on a small boat in the bay, and therefore I saw that on what and with what engine we were going, I was  delighted. Horsepower is not superfluous here. Twenty minutes of a fair speed and we are in Zmeevaya. The water here changes color to turquoise due to the hot springs located in the bay. Well-designed baths, changing rooms, benches.

Beauty and a big surprise for the rest of the season. Two stairs to observation platforms. Next to the stairs, tourists make improvised reels in the winter. I rode it once and it was fun.

I’ve been here for the third or fourth time, but for various reasons I didn’t bathe in the springs, it will be necessary to fix it. They made a pier, I do not understand how they used to do it before.

Arbors, toilets, benches for the contemplation of beauty and relaxation.

I heard a lot of talks, saying that where did the money taken at the entrance to the national park go? But now I see it. Recently the Park has arranged a place for observation of nerpas on the Ushkany islands, this year the Park have done even more: they built the Path of the birds at Arangatuy, opened a new Visit Center, ennobled Snake Bay. And a large dining room in Monakhovo and extra beds. Plus a large conference room on the cordon. Everything for tourists, everything for the popularization of nature and respect for it. In the next visit, I will not even shoot, I will bathe! At the end of our visit the sun peeped out once again and disappeared. Well, we’ll go, the days are getting shorter, the summer guests of the bay are more lucky with lighting. And the water here is warmer, there is no wind, the sources are heated, and it is convenient to dive from the pier. See you!