Yeravninsky District


The Yeravninsky district is in the east of Buryatia. It was established in 1927, an area of 25600 square kilometers. The center of the district is the village of Sosnovo-Ozerskoe. The distance from the village to Ulan-Ude is 297 km.


Yeravninsky region is attractive with its Buddhist shrines. There is the Egitui datsan Damchoy Rabzhailing (“The Abode of the Distribution of Noble Teaching”) in the district – one of the most famous in Buryatia. It was built in 1826. Datsan is famous for its shrine – the sculpture Zandan Zhou (Sandalwood Buddha), which according to legend was made 2500 years ago is considered one of the two lifetime images of Buddha (the second such a sculpture is kept in the British Museum). This sculpture, also known as the Sandalwood Buddha, was brought to Buryatia from Beijing.


Yeravninsky region is considered a lake land: there are over 10 large and more than 200 small lakes. The largest of them: Big Eravnoe, Small Eravnoe, Sosnovoye, Gunda, Isinga, and Uta-Nur.

Healing springs

The healing springs of Yeravninsky district: Hureta, Ulsakha, Daban-Gorkhon help to recover from a variety of diseases.


This is a terrain in which huge boulders are bizarrely composed. There are many sacred places and healing springs close to each other and there some petroglyphs are preserved.

Khoroy-Shuluun Fortress

Located on the high bank of the Marakta River, it is divided inside into three separate parts with entrances-crevices.

The rocks of Sagaan Ubgen

Low piles of stones are considered the dwelling place of the White Elder deity.