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Tunkinsky National Park is characterized by a mountainous and strongly broken terrain.  The main waterway of the park is the Irkut River with several tributaries.

The vegetation of the park is represented by mountain meadow, mountain-tundra, taiga, and mountain-taiga communities. Flora of this region is extremely diverse. More than 900 species of vascular plants grow on the territory of the Tunkinsky Park, the most numerous of which are meadow and forest planta.

The fauna of the park is also quite diverse. More than 40 species of animals live here. Of the large and medium-sized representatives of fauna, it is necessary to distinguish: flying squirrel, long-tailed squirrel, sable, ferret steppe, weasel, elk, hare, chipmunk, muskrat, badger, ermine, brown bear, deer, roe deer, wild boar, musk deer and so on.

On the territory of the national park, there are many amazing natural monuments, for example: “Marble bottom”, the source of “Khongor-Uula”, the picturesque “Hobokskoye Lake”.

To date, the Tunka National Park is an amazing place to relax in the bosom of nature. Picturesque landscapes, sunny and dry climate, transparent mountain rivers and curative mineral springs attract tourists from all over the world.