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Tea Route

The route is playing the great role of migration, military campaigns, trade and culture exchange, research, expeditions, political and religious missions comes through Buryatia territory since antiquity. It connected Central Asia with Europe. Numerous tribes of Huns, who had conquered Europe, passed this road. The khans of the Mongolian Empire were going by this road for 200 years during their military campaigns. This road was also used by the Christian missioners coming to China and Buddhists lamas on their way to the territory of present-day Kalmykia.

In the 17th – 18th centuries this road became a famous caravan trade route connecting Russia, Mongolia, China, Europe and America, and have received the name “Tea Route”. The history of the road marks the epoch of political, trade, and cultural relations development of the Russian Empire and Eastern states.

The history of “Tea Route” presents materials for creating international tourism development project on the analogy of the well-known route “Great Silk Route”.