Khorinsky District


The Khorinsky district is located in the central part of Buryatia. It was established in 1923, its area is ​​13431 square kilometers. The center of the district is the village of Khorinsk; the distance to Ulan-Ude is 165 kilometers.


Khorinsky district is famous for archaeological monuments. This is above all the famous Paleolithic dwelling on the Sanniy Cape and the settlement on Khudag Mountain. a large number of ancient sites are of the Neolithic age, many monuments of the Bronze Age – early Iron Age. There are petroglyphs, Alan’s tile burial grounds and others among them.

In 30 km from the village of Khorinsk, there is one of the sacred Buddhist structures of the early 19th century – Aninsky datsan “Gan-dan Shaddubling” (“A filled with joy dwelling place of preaching and asceticism”). Its main temple is attributed to the outstanding works of Buryat religious architecture, which has no analogs in its composition-spatial solution in the architecture of the Buddhist world. It is also one of the oldest datsans of Russia, it was founded in 1795.

You can get acquainted with the history and culture of the region in the Historical and Local History Museum of the village of Khorinsk, where the life of local residents is represented, and the genealogy of Khori-Buryats. There is a typical yurt environment, typical for home life of the late 19th – early 20th century is preserved. And also there are unique collections of tools of ancient stone, stone, bronze, iron centuries in the museum.