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Ivolginsky datsan

The Ivolginsky datsan “Khambyn Sume” (Tibetan name -“Gandan Dashi Choinhorlin”) is a Buddhist monastery (datsan), the center of the Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia. It is located in Buryatia in the village of Verkhnyaya Ivolga, 36 km west of Ulan-Ude. The Buddhist tradition in the USSR was completely destroyed in the 1930s. However in 1951 local authorities allocated land for building of the future monastery complex. Then there were built residential houses for lamas, household and office buildings. In the 1970s, most of the temples of the Datsan were newly erected. In 1991, the Datsan established Buddhist University “Dashi Choinhorlin” named after Damba Zayayev. Today about 100 huwaraks (students) are studying at four faculties: philosophical, tantric, iconographic and medical. In the autumn of 2002 the Ivolginsky datsan found the imperishable body of Hambo-Lama Itigelov. Later there was built a special palace-temple for storage of the sacred relic. The temple is a copy of the Devazhin-Dugan of Yangazhinsky datsan, designed and built by Itigelov himself back in 1906. On October 31, 2008, the ceremony of consecration of the Blessed Palace of Hambo-lama Itigelov was held. The imperishable body of the Master was solemnly escorted to the temple. On the territory of the datsan complex there are the residence of the current Kambo –Lama, a library, buildings of the Buddhist University, and the art gallery of Asia, an information center where one can learn about the timetable of conducted services (khural), available accommodation in guest houses and other information.