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Travel Alerts

Travel advisories and warnings in Russia and Buryatia

Visiting Russia is no less safe than in any other developed country. But even in the most peaceful places, you should always remember the basic precautions that will protect you from possible troubles.

In transport and public places

Street thefts are a problem in many big cities. Most often they occur in public transport during rush hours or in crowded places. But compliance with several universal rules will reduce the risk of theft to a minimum:

Be on the lookout, don't turn your attention to gadgets when you're on the go or in public.

Do not leave things unattended.

Do not walk around the city with open bags and backpacks. In public places, keep the bag in front of you.

Do not display expensive items in public transport (telephones, tablets, watches, jewelry).

Do not carry large amounts of money with you.

Do not store bank card PINs in one place.

Electronic security

When shopping online, keep in touch with the same security measures as at home. Do not share your card PINs, passwords, or other sensitive information with anyone.


No one is safe from meeting scammers. Therefore:

Do not trust strangers, do not leave them your things and do not agree to dubious offers of services.

Do not accept offers to make the company from strangers and suspicious persons.

All operations with credit, phone cards, money transfers, currency exchanges, purchases, do only through official banks and companies.

Do not buy SIM cards for mobile phones and other products from street vendors: there is a high risk of running into scammers. It is much safer to contact your nearest communications store or store.

Money, especially large amounts, must be withdrawn at bank branches or ATMs located in specially designed premises. Do not buy or exchange currency from private individuals (there is a risk of receiving fake banknotes).

On vacation

Clubs and parties are wonderful, but even during the rest, you should not “turn off” your vigilance.

In clubs or concerts, it is better to go with friends.

In entertainment venues, try to stick together, keep an eye on each other and things - amid fun, it's easy to be left without a bag, money or documents.

It is safer to return home by taxi or public transport. If you walk, choose the illuminated streets.

Do not attract too much attention. Having met a suspicious company, try to cross the other side of the street, quickly pass by and not react to their calls.


You should not catch a taxi on the street: among illegal drivers, there are unscrupulous people; you risk not only not reaching the place, but also being left without money. Order a car from an officially operating company - this will ensure your safety and a fixed fee. In large cities, you can quickly find a taxi using mobile applications (for example, Yandex Taxi is operating in Ulan-Ude).

On the roads

You need to cross the road only in permitted places - at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. First, be sure to look around, and only making sure that there are no cars on the road, cross the roadway.

Verification of documents

Outside a Hotel, it is best to have your passport, immigration card with you. Do not be surprised if the police ask for your documents. This measure is not directed against you, but to ensure your safety. After all, terrorism is one of the main threats to the modern world. Russia is successfully fighting its manifestations, paying increased attention to the safety of its citizens and guests. Therefore, do not panic when checking documents, this is a common practice to prevent crime.

Free emergency phones

Carry emergency phones with you, and in case of the slightest danger, immediately seek help.

Unified Rescue Service: 112 (from a landline and mobile phones).

Fire service: 01 (from a stationary), 101 (from a mobile).

Police: 02 (from stationary), 102 (from a mobile).

Ambulance: 03 (from stationary), 103 (from a mobile).