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Important Information

On the main website of the EMERCOM of Russia, one can make an online application for registration of a tourist or a group. There is the page to fill out an application in English language.

When submitting an application, it is necessary to indicate the lineup and group size, managers, contact numbers, detailed information on the route and other data. This should be done 10 days before the start of the trip.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations reminded that it is necessary to inform rescuers about the routes through rough country – water, mountain, speleological and other objects associated with an increased risk to life and possible damage to health and property.


Instruction for the tour conductor and tour operator

The tour conductor/tour operator must have sufficient practical experience in passing various types of mountainous terrain, organizing insurance and self-insurance, have first aid skills, orienteering, survival in adverse weather conditions, know the route and area of travel (hike) and how to contact emergency response groups.
The tour conductor/tour operator should:
– Develop a route, a timetable, emergency exits from the route, outline control points, and deadlines, study complex sections of the route and determine ways to overcome them.
– Organize the preparation and selection of the necessary equipment, food, and medical kits.
– Get acquainted with weather forecasts in the area of travel.
– Forming a tourist group should determine the level of training of each participant to overcome natural obstacles, taking into account tourist experience, medical indicators, physical fitness, and age.
– Inform members of the group about the features of the route, possible obstacles on the way, remind you of the need to observe discipline, safety rules, and environmental protection.
– Provide Buryat Republican Search and Rescue Service (BRSRS) with information on the control dates of beginning and end of the route, contact details of the leader and deputy of the group.
– Check the availability of the necessary skills and knowledge of travel safety, the ability to move in crampons, use an ice pick and practically provide first aid. If necessary, conduct practical training.
– When moving, distribute duties between group members, appoint leading and closing ones, inform about signals while traveling.
– During the trip strictly adhere to the route filed when registering in BRSRS.
– Take the necessary security measures of the group, up to the suspension of travel due to unsafe natural phenomena and other circumstances, as well as in case of need to assist the injured.
– In the event of an emergency, contact the rescuers to assist and arrange for the delivery of injured or diseased participants to travel to medical facilities and take immediate emergency assistance measures themselves, taking into account the “DO NO HARM” rule.
– To assign, in the case of a temporary division of the group (in a critical situation, for the purpose of reconnaissance, etc.), as his deputy from the most prepared participants of the journey
The tour conductor/tour operator must be mindful of the responsibility for offenses committed in the course of activities – within the limits established by the applicable administrative, criminal and civil legislation of the Russian Federation.

Information about the route, control dates of beginning and end, contact details of the head and deputy of the group can be presented around the clock by phone:
 +73012230355 – operational duty officer of the Buryat Republican Search and Rescue Service.
 +73014741153 – duty rescuer of the search and rescue squad number 2 in the village of Kyren.

E-mail of the Buryat Republican search and rescue service: burspas@mail.ru
On the days of mass ascension, you can ask for the help of the rescuers in places marked with banners or flags with the words “Buryat Republican Search and Rescue Service”:
– above the bridge on the left bank of the Bely Irkut River and the KAMAZ truck;
– Strelka below the confluence of the Muguvek and Bely Irkut rivers 300 meters;
Each participant of the climb to the mountain Munku-Sardyk must have:
MANDATORY – headguard, crampons, shoes with a protector (like Vibram).
DESIRABLE – safety system, lanyard, two karabiners, ice ax.
It is necessary to have climbing ropes for a group with no experience of mountaineering at the rate of 1 (40m) for 3-4 participants.
REMEMBER the time to climb to the top from the “cushion” stops at 16 o’clock