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Information and tips on visiting Buryatia

The Republic of Buryatia is located in the southern part of Eastern Siberia. From the north and west, the territory of the republic is washed by the waters of Lake Baikal, in the east, it borders with Transbaikalia region, in the west and north - with Irkutsk region, in the south-west - with the Republic of Tyva, the state border with Mongolia passes in the south.

Mountain tourism, rafting on numerous rivers, ethnographic tours (with an acquaintance with Lamaist beliefs and traditional treatment methods and customs of Buryat), mineral water treatment is widespread in Buryatia. Monuments of the Paleolithic and Neolithic era and hundreds of datsan monasteries of the 18-19th centuries have been preserved on the territory of Buryatia. 

The capital of the republic is Ulan-Ude, large cities are Gusinoozersk, Severobaykalsk. Areas of interest in the excursion plan: Kabansky district, Pribaikalye, Barguzin valley, Tunka valley, Kyakhtinsky district and, of course, Baikal.

Time difference with Moscow: 5 hours ahead of Moscow.

Population: about 1 million people.

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