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Traveling to Baikal and Buryatia

Trans-Siberian Railway

Trans Siberian Railway

Trans-Siberian-Railway travel to baikal from Ulan-Ude
We have one attraction in Russia that attracts foreigners the most. This is the Trans-Siberian Railway: six days by train from Moscow to Vladivostok. 
Your preparation for a long-distance train journey depends on how far you intend to travel. The Trans-Siberian Railway by default assumes a long journey. If you have never traveled further than European Russia, it only means that you just saw almost nothing and really do not know Russia at all. That's okay. Traveling along the Trans-Siberian Railway is fundamentally little different from any long trip, although it has its own characteristics.
Immediately determine that the fast branded train "Moscow-Vladivostok" is not the best travel option in terms of speed and money spent. The cost of a ticket in the compartment of this train is comparable to the cost of a ticket in economy class, only on the train you will have to eat something else for several days, and this is also money spent. So if you do not want to take a sip of romance, then the optimal flight will still be by plane in a few hours, rather than lying on a shelf for several days.
So, you still decided to travel by train across Russia. What is needed for that?
First of all, make a detailed trip plan from start to finish. A fallback plan will make life easier and reduce your financial expenses, as well as your nerves. Believe me, there is nothing fun in the fact that you in a completely unfamiliar city or taiga village will begin to twitch in search of a solution to an urgent problem. Then take maximum care of your travel route tickets. Buy all possible tickets in advance, as in a month or two the situation may change, and buying a ticket on the spot can be problematic.
The plan is drawn up, the trip is thought out to the smallest detail. Things are collected and packaged. Tomorrow is the train departure. What else to take with you on the road? 
If you are unpretentious to life and food, then you do not need anything else. In the train car, linen, hot meals, tea and coffee, newspapers and magazines will be provided, it may be possible to work on a TV or radio. Different options also cannot be ruled out, though. Most budget travelers (considering money) recommend taking with them:
A jack-knife. It can be useful for slicing bread, sausages, etc., as well as in other household cases.
A spoon and fork. Just in cases, like a snack on the lawn behind the station. 
Metal or heat-resistant plastic mug. 
Slippers. The ones given in the train are completely uncomfortable.
Light season clothing, such as lounge pants and t-shirts. For wearing on the car for several days, and possibly sleep.
Personal care items. They give out a disposable brush and paste on the train, but it will be more proper to take care of your own.
A tablet or small laptop with movies and games. It is interesting to look out the window, but sooner or later it bothers
A couple of newspapers and magazines, books (if you like to read). 
Amount of cash. Forget about the card, you will not need it for several days.
Do not forget all the charges for your gadgets! It will not be superfluous to take a group socket since there are not enough sockets in the car.

Regarding nutrition. Eating in a dining car is a bit expensive. If you are offered tickets with meals at the box office, then this is a good option, do not refuse. Three times a day, containers of hot food are transported in carriages. First of all, they provide those who have tickets with meals, the rest is sold for cash to everyone. There are usually more people than food supplies. Also, passengers practice snacking on freeze-dried foods, usually cheap noodles and potatoes, since there is always free boiling water. Experienced people are well aware that 50 grams of dehydrated noodles are sheer nonsense in terms of nutrition, plus it quickly bores. It’s good to add slices of sausages, mayonnaise to the noodles, and then it already looks like food. So it will not be superfluous to see about your additional ration.

Items and products that you need on the train, it is better to put them in a separate bag.

There is also a nuance that is completely unfamiliar to people traveling from Berlin to Paris for example (no offense). A train running along a country crosses time zones daily. If you are traveling from Moscow to the Far East, then by the end of the journey people’s biological hours are disturbed, that is, the whole carriage sleeps until noon, and then people shy away from the carriage until late at night. But the routine in the carriage is tied to local time since not everyone travels from end to end, some passengers sit and go. So it may make sense to attend to a small flashlight to read books without interfering with sleeping companions.

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Experiences » Traveling to Baikal and Buryatia
Experiences » Traditions and History
Experiences » Traditions and History
Experiences » Traditions and History
Experiences » Traditions and History