Dzhidinsky District


Dzhidinsky district is located in the southern part of Buryatia. It was founded in 1935 at an area of 8627 square kilometers. The center of the district is the village of Petropavlovka. The distance from the village to Ulan-Ude is 240 km.


There are ancient Hunnish burials, tile graves, rock carvings and caves of ancient Neolithic-Bronze people were found in the region. This is the area of the Dyrestuisky Kultuk, the Bayan-Under ancient settlement and the Hunnish burial ground of Orgoiton. There are also several religious buildings in the Djidinsky district: Buddhist datsans and centers of Tibetan medicine.

Lake Taglei

Warm lake upstream of the Temnik River, along with the shores of which fir-trees, spruces, pines, alder grow. The therapeutic mud of the lake helps in the treatment of skin diseases.

Sarbadui Cave

It is located on the eastern slope of the Sarbadui mountain. The height of the cave at the entrance is 2.5 m. It contains tile graves of the Bronze Age of the first millennium BC and the burial mounds (Хиргисүүр) of the Turkic nobility of the VI-XVI century AD.

Mount Burin-Khan

One of the five shrines of Asia is located in the Borgoi steppe. “Perfect Khan”, so you can translate the name of this sacred place. According to the beliefs of the Buryats, Sagaan-Ubgan appears on the top of Burin-Khan, (the White Elder), the keeper of all life on earth. He gives prosperity, fertile years and happiness.

Harata Mountains

They are located near the village of Zarubino. A sacred place and the botanical monument of nature. There grow rare and endemic plants listed in the Red Book.

Zhargalantuy creek valley

Small Hamar-Daban Range, in the vicinity of Mount Burin-Khan. It is located 12 km from the village of Inzagatui. The place of growth of rare plants and flowers.