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Five Thermal Springs in Buryatia recognized as Therapeutic

These are the springs in the north of Buryatia.

On March 22, the government of Buryatia officially recognized the territories of the Umkhei, Kucheger, Alla and Garga thermal springs in the Kurumkansky district of Buryatia and the Solnechny (Goudzhekit) spring in the North Baikal region of the republic as therapeutic and recreational areas of local importance. The government also approved the borders and the regime of the districts of the mountain sanitary protection of medical and recreational areas.


Umkhey Thermal Spring


In the very north of Barguzin valley, at the Ikatsky range on the island there is the Umhei resort. There are several year-round residential houses, a bath house is located on a hot spring.

Umkhey thermal springs are indicated for the treatment of at least two dozen different diseases: diseases of the musculoskeletal system, osteomyelitis, gynecological and skin diseases, and the effects of injuries of the peripheral nervous system.

Umkhey thermal waters are bicarbonate-sodium sulfate. They are characterized by a high content of fluorine, silicic acid, and hydrogen sulfide. The water temperature is about 50 ° C, the pH is alkaline – 9, the mineralization is 0.42 g / l.


Kuchiger Thermal Spring


The unique Kuchiger thermal springs extend at the foot of the Barguzinsky Range. The Kuchiger hydro therms come out at the north-western side of the Barguzin depression on the right bank of the Barguzin river in the Kucheger tract. The waters of Kuchiger Springs have a sulfate-hydro carbonate sodium composition and the hydrogen sulfide content reaches 29 mg / l. Water temperature ranges from 21 to 75 ° C.

Kuchigerian sources treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the bones, muscles, and tendons, gynecological diseases, skin diseases, diseases and consequences of injuries of the peripheral nervous system.

Springs are notable for the fact that thermal waters, passing through loose soil sediments and enriching them with hydrogen sulfide, create significant reserves of therapeutic hydrogen sulfide mud.


Alla Thermal Spring


In the valley of the Alla River, the right-hand tributary of the Barguzin River, there are more than 50 outlets of hot springs with temperatures ranging from 50 to 77 ° C, breaking through the thickness of gravel, pebbles, and sand.

Allina thermal springs have been known since the middle of the 19th century and are indicated for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, and gastritis. Bathrooms for holidaymakers are built at the source.

The resort is surrounded by primeval pine forests. Up the river, there is a pedestrian tourist route through the pass to Lake Baikal. On the tributaries of the river, there are several tape waterfalls.


Garga Thermal Spring


The thermal water of the Garginsky spring comes out on the right side of the valley of the Garga river from a cave with a section of about 1 sq. M, at an altitude of about 100 m, and flows down a hollow to the river, forming unique travertine deposits of the original form.

The source water belongs to sulfate-sodium mineral waters, slightly gas-saturated, low-mineralized (316.0 mg / l), slightly alkaline. Content of nitrogen (up to 1 g / l), radon (from 35 to 43 eman), silicon (up to 60 mg / l). Water temperature Gargin siliceous term is 75 ° C.

The waters of the Garginsky spring cure particular diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, polyarthritis), gynecological diseases and skin diseases, and nervous disorders. Water is recommended in the treatment of the effects of fractures of limbs for rapid recovery. Water has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Also, a good result gives the use of baths for violations of the functions of the heart, with non-tuberculosis diseases, functional changes in the body.

Sunny (“Goudzhekit”) Thermal Spring

The hot spring Goudzhekit is located twenty-five kilometers from the city of Severobaikalsk and fifty kilometers from the village of Nizhneangarsk, in the foothills of the Baikal ridge, in the armhole of the Goudzhekit river. This source was found by chance while drilling a spring in 1989.

The depth of the well is 170 meters. Water is fluoride-bicarbonate, with admixtures of radon, silicon, sodium.

Bathing in a hot spring Goudzhekit has a beneficial effect on the treatment and prevention of diseases of the digestive system, blood circulation, endocrine system, the musculoskeletal system, and the central nervous system. Water from the source can be used as a medical-dining room inside.