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Zakamensky District


Zakamensky district is located in the south-western part of Buryatia. It was established in 1927, the area is 15 344 square kilometers. The center of the district is the city of Zakamensk. The distance to Ulan-Ude is 420 kilometers.


Genealogy records, as well as historical and archival materials allow us to state that the Buryat population of Zakamna consists of more than twenty different families, seven of which are considered basic (or indigenous): hongodor, hurkut, terete, heiho, shosholok, sokher and bold. Zakamna was inhabited by Buryat families in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They came from the western part of Lake Baikal, from Mongolia and Djida. According to the stories of local old-timers, before the arrival of the Buryat families in Zakamna, the inhabitants of this region were Undad Hamnigans, Soyots, Urianhays, Mongols, Khan Kirghiz (the ancestors of the Khakas people).

Snezhinskiy Reserve

It was established in 1976. There are rare birds listed in the Red Book, and hunting is prohibited in the reserve. Along the whole reserve there is a mountain river Snezhnaya. One third of the territory of the reserve consists of bold mountain rocky peaks and plateaus at an altitude of 1400-2200 meters above sea level. The highest point of the ridge is 2371 meters.

Mount Uran-Dushe

The name of the mountain comes from the Buryat language – the “skillful anvil”. It is a natural monument located at the junction of the boundaries of the Zakamensky district, Tunkinsky national park and Mongolia. In the upper reaches it covers the valleys of several rivers. The natural park “Uran-Dushe” is attractive for its water trips.

Subugui Pillars

A monument of nature, located in the upper reaches of the Subugui River. These are pillar form rock formations. The diameter of the columns at the bottom is almost 2 meters, at the top a little over 1 meter. At the foot of Subugui pillars, at an altitude of about 1700 meters there are medical mineral springs.

Dutulurskaya Rock

It is located in the area of Yukhta. It is a mountain ensemble of several rock formations and looks like a fortress in appearance. It is located at the confluence of the rivers Yukhta and Dzhida, there is a mineral spring Sorghostyn arshan between the rocks. From the tops of the cliff there is a panorama of the Dzhida Ridge, the valley of Dzhida with steep slopes – a 25 meters long canyon, reminiscent of the famous Grand Canyon. It was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption, numerous volcanic rock stones are scattered throughout the valley. Canyon with picturesque, bizarre cliffs, an abundance of rapids is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful places in Buryatia. You can admire the beauty of this place during the summer boat trip.

Under Baabai

In Buryat language “a tall, highly respected father”. The natural monument – it is a high rocky mountain and three identical hills clinging to it over the river Dzhida. There are two healing springs at the foot of the mountain. 

Engorboy Arshan

It is located in 3.5 km from the village of Engorboi, there are 19 hot springs. A variety of diseases are treated with healing waters in the resort during the summer time.

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Experiences » Traditions and History
Experiences » Traveling to Baikal and Buryatia
Experiences » Traditions and History
Experiences » Traditions and History
Experiences » Traditions and History