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Severobaikalsky District


The district is in the north of Buryatia. It was established in 1925, the area of the district is 53,991 square kilometers. The center of the district is Nizhneangarsk settlement. The distance from the village to Ulan-Ude is 1025 kilometers.


Severobaikalsk is the second largest city in Buryatia, a large industrial and transport center. The city was built during the construction of the Baikal-Amur Railway (BAM). Sightseeing of the city: the Garden of Southern Cultures of Railway Workers’ House, the Severobaikalsk Picture Gallery, the Museum of History of Baikal-Amur Mainline.

The Museum of the History of the Baikal-Amur Mainline is one of the youngest museums in Siberia. The museum has a unique collection of materials on the design and survey work of the 1930-40’s. Documentary photographs, rare books, archaeological and ethnographic exhibits are presented there. There is an art gallery in the museum.

There is a Regional Museum of Local History in Nizhneangarsk, where the everyday items and culture of the Evenks and other indigenous peoples of the region are represented.


The northern Baikal region is a biological diversity of natural complexes and objects: the thick taiga and mixed forests, alpine meadows and inaccessible rocks, hot springs, ice-cold springs, thermal and mineral springs, picturesque lakes, rivers, waterfalls, caves, endemic animals and relict plants.

Hot Springs

The Khakusy spring is the most powerful on the east coast, the water temperature is + 43 ° С. It is located in a picturesque tiny valley in a kilometer from Lake Baikal. Kotelnikovsky springs are located in 70 kilometers from Severobaikalsk in the immediate vicinity of Lake Baikal. The water temperature is about 42 ° C. The source of Dzelinda is located in 70 kilometers east of Nizhneangarsk in the valley of the Upper Angara River. The water temperature is about + 44 ° С. The spring Goudzhekit is located next to the railway station with the same name, 28 kilometers from Severobaikalsk. The water temperature in the basin is up to + 45 ° C in the open air. All springs can be visited both in summer and in winter.

Nature reserve Frolikhinsky

It is located on the western slopes of the Barguzinsky Range, in 45 kilometers from Severobaikalsk. Of particular interest in the reserve are Lake Frolikha, Frolikhinsky spring, “singing” sands of Turali and a section of the Great Baikal trail “Frolikha trail of adventures”.

Lake Frolikha

The largest mountain lake of glacial origin on the eastern coast of Lake Baikal is in the wildlife preserve “Frolikhinsky”, 8 kilometers from the bay of Ayaya. The depth of the lake reaches 80 meters. It is one of the most famous and attractive objects for tourists on the Northern Baikal. The high mountains surrounding the lake are split by deep valleys. There is Mount Medvezhya at the eastern shore, 1200 meters high above sea level. The lake is in the depths of the coast within the wild taiga.

Ayaya Bay

From Evenk – “good, beautiful” – one of the most picturesque bays of the northern part of Lake Baikal. Its sandy beach is a resting place and the beginning of a trail to the lake Frolikha. This is an excellent place for rest and fishing, as well as one of the few places on the Baikal where you can see the nerpa: a reef on which nerpas like bask in the sun emerges from the water twenty meters from the cape.

Onokachanskaya Bay

An oval bay deeply embedded in the dry land, a “visiting card” of the Northern Baikal region. One can see Slyudyanskie Lakes and Baikal Range from the bay.

Ikon bald peak

It is a mountain massif having several peaks. Its highest point is 1873 meters above sea level. From the slopes of the mountain, there is a panoramic view to the Upper Angarsky playa, the rivers of Upper Angara and Kichera, the islands of Yarki and, of course, Baikal Lake.

Bolshoye and Maloye Slyudyanskie Lakes

Lakes are connected by a canal and are located in 20 kilometers from Severobaikalsk. Lakes have received the Republican status of “Natural Miracle of Buryatia”. The beautiful sandy beaches of the lakes, surrounded by pine trees, and clear water, warming up in the summer, attract many locals and tourists for recreation.

The network of ecological trails has been created in the vicinity of the lakes.

Mount Chersky

It is the highest point of the Baikal ridge, its height is 2,588 meters. Rocky peaks and ridges, river valleys with waterfalls, glacial lakes, and eternal glaciers – this mountain world is inhabited by special species of flora and fauna. The mountain is of great interest for climbers.

Lake Guitar

It is located in the upper reaches of the Kurkula River, Baikal, 20 kilometers from the shore of Lake Baikal. The lake is declared a natural monument. The endemic dwarf grayling inhabit it. There are several waterfalls in the vicinity of the lake: Nitka and the Great Cascade, Lake Izumrudnoye, Kurkulinsky cascade of waterfalls.

Cape Ludar

From the Evenk “Luduri” – to entrench. It is located north of the village of Baikalskoye. This rocky massif of several cliffs 50-70 meters in height abruptly breaks down in water. an ancient cult hill and petroglyphs were found On the cliffs. Fragments of ceramic dishes of the Kurynkan time (5-11 centuries) are found in the caves.

Island of Yarky

An arc-shaped chain of islands with a width of 50-150 meters and a length of about 16 kilometers between the mouths of the Upper Angara and Kichera rivers. There are ravine hillock shaped dunes, overgrown with Siberian dwarf-pine in the middle part of the island. The coast of the island is a continuous strip of sandy beaches from the side of Lake Baikal.

Cape Kotelnikovsky

It is located 80 kilometers from Severobaikalsk and is known for its hot spring – the hottest in the whole Baikal. Its temperature reaches + 81 ° C the whole year round. It undrinkable because of the high content of fluoride, but swimming in the pools of the spring is a real pleasure and health benefit.

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Experiences » Traditions and History
Experiences » Traveling to Baikal and Buryatia
Experiences » Traditions and History
Experiences » Traditions and History
Experiences » Traditions and History