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Bauntovsky District


Baunt Evenk District is located in the north-east of Buryatia. It was established in 1925 and covers an area of 66,816 square kilometers. This is the largest region of Buryatia. The center of Bauntovsky district is Bagdarin settlement. The distance from Ulan-Ude to the village is 597 km.


The representatives of the northern people – Evenks live on the territory of the district. You can get acquainted with their unique culture and way of life in the Museum of Northern Peoples of Buryatia. The Evenk region is also famous for its gold and mineral extraction. The branch of the geological museum at the Museum of Northern Peoples of Buryatia has collected unique collections of mineral samples not only from the Bauntovsky district and the republic but also from other regions of Russia.

The rivers Vitim and Tsipa

Vitim is one of the largest rivers in Eastern Siberia, the right tributary of the Lena River. Tsipa River is the second largest river in the district, the left tributary of the Vitim River.

Lake Baunt

It is the third in Buryatia in terms of water surface area after Lake Baikal and Lake Gusinoe. There is an endemic – aquatic sow bug and the Red Book Baunt whitefish in the lake. There are more than 20 species of fish in the lake in total. On the shore of the lake there is a hot spring and resorts.

Mount Great Hapton

The height of the mountain above Lake Baunt is 1264 meters and 2,284 meters above sea level. An amazing picture of the lakes and rivers of the Baunt Basin and the peaks of the South Muy Ridge opens from the foot of the mountain.

Lake Busani and Dorong

Small picturesque lakes, where rare and relic plants grow.

Dolganskaya Pit Cave

One of the largest caves in Siberia and the Far East, its length is more than 5 km, the depth is 130 meters. Except for stalactites and corallites, there are two small lakes in it. There is the largest colony of wintering bats in Siberia in the cave.

Cave Dolphin

The second largest cave, located to the north-west of the Dolganskaya Pit Cave. Its length is 90 meters, the depth is 35 meters. It is a stone-shaped gap at the bottom of which the glacier begins.

Extinct volcanoes

There are extinct volcanoes of Dombrovsky, Lopatin, Mushketov in the area.

White Mountain Rock

A mountain of white limestone is an ancient sacred place of worship of local residents. Symbol of Baunt land.

Ikat bowl

At the top of the Ikat mountain range, there is an amazing “cup”, where there is a sacred lake, where Evenks with the participation of shamans conducted their rituals. The sacred “Cup” is a symbol of the unity of all the Evenk families of Ikat, their well-being. The water is crystal clear in it.

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Experiences » Traditions and History
Experiences » Traditions and History
Experiences » Traveling to Baikal and Buryatia
Experiences » Traditions and History
Experiences » Traditions and History