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Buryat Cuisine

Head of a ram, milk, and blood

Buryat cuisine is not buuzas only. Historically, meat, milk and wild onions form the basis of the traditional cuisine of Buryats but what a variety of recipes can be cooked. One must visit the Republic only for the sake of the traditional cuisine.
Have you seen milk skin in childhood? Thin one when you boil milk, some ate it, but most didn’t like it. Now in the time of pasteurized, sterilized and diluted milk, modern children do not even know about the existence of the milk skin. And how do you like the skin of two centimeters thick? They know how to make it in the Buryat villages, and in the old days they preserved a lot, dried it, skins became sweet without sugar – milk dessert.
Mangir wild onion, urmen made of martagon lily roots, kholiso (curd, bird cherry and milk), milk skins, sour cream, Salamat, and blood sausage, are usually on the festive table. Salamat is an interesting and obligatory dish for guests of Buryatia, boiled sour cream with rye flour. Holiso can be easily and quickly cooked, curd, sour cream, cookie crumbs, and ground bird cherry, children will like this dessert.
A jug of milk and tarasun in the center of the table, some like it stronger, and some to milk the tea. They usually drink milked tea in Buryatia. Well, tarasun is an alcoholic drink based on milk, eight percent of ABV, the mind is still clear, and legs are already faltering.
Blood sausage “Khotorgoyn Shuhan”. Local specialty as everything in this article. Gut and blood, then cook and you may serve it or fry it in a pan.
The sweet offering is called Dalgai, the higher the Dalgai the higher the welfare of the family. Dalgai is consecrated in datsans like Easter cakes at Easter in churches.
Dotoroor Sheglekhen Terkhenseg or tripe stuffed with by-products, heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver. Very fragrant and tasty. And here is a braid made from the guts of a ram – Oremog and Hoshkhonog.
Tooley is the head of a ram. Served to an important, distinguished guest. In fact, just a head without a mandible, boiled in salted water, it has a rather symbolic character.
And here is a more traditional dish, khugabsha – liver grilled in internal fat with baked potatoes.
Arbin – horse fat with raw liver, frozen and thinly sliced and eaten in the fresh frosty air of the Sayan Mountains! You need to prepare for this, you get used to the first piece, you savor the second one, and you swallow the third one out of greed, without chewing.
Now turn off the computer, remove the smartphone and go eat in the nearest cafe of the Buryat cuisine or come to Buryatia.
Enjoy your meal!