Bichursky District


The district is located in the southern part of the republic. It was founded in 1935; its area is almost 4500 square kilometers. The center of the district – the village of Bichura is located in 201 km from Ulan-Ude.


The village of Bichura is mentioned in the archives as a large village back in 1723. In 1768, 26 families of Old Believers arrived there – Russian Orthodox Old Believers exiled to Siberia. The village of Bichura is a few long streets along the Bichurka River. The Communisticheskaya Street is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest rural street: it stretches for 17 km. One can visit the local history museum, the age-old house of the Old Believers and get acquainted with their original culture. Also, there is an Old Believer church with ancient original icons in Bichura.

There is the ancient Hunnish city in Bichura which is protected by law. And in the village of Shibertui, there is one of the oldest Buddhist datsans – the Shibertuisky datsan, rebuilt by local residents.

Khilok River

Alloys along the river will please any traveler with a leisurely current and views of the mountain ranges.

Kharasun Lake

It appeared as a result of a tectonic fault. It is famous for its rare bird, listed in the Red Book – a bright orange scoter, which regularly settles in these places.

Natural healing springs

In the area of Tabragashka, the villages of Shibertuy, Kireti, Starye Klyuchi, Verkhniy Mangirtui, Motne, and Elan there are unique springs with mineral waters that cure many diseases.

Shifting sands in the vicinity of Topka village

The natural phenomenon of these sands is that any object disappears in the moving mass.

The Kokutsel tract

This is a unique natural phenomenon, similar to a fortification. It is located in 30 kilometers from Bichura.