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Barguzin bay is the largest bay of Baikal lake. It goes 30 km far into the land and its area is 700 sq km.
In the middle of the bay, there is a mouth of the Barguzin-river and the village of Ust-Barguzin. The shore on the side of the Holy Nose peninsula is high and steep. The northeastern and eastern shores are low with many sandy and sandy-shingled beaches. Its coast is represented by a swampy valley with small lakes, covered by forest, bushes and meadow vegetation. Near the mouth of the Barguzin-river and to the south from it the coast is sandy with hills and dunes in some places covered by a rare pine forest. The southern coast of the bay beginning with the rocky cape Kholodyanka, situated to the south from the village of Ust-Barguzin, is mountainous, the shores are broken up with the outlet of ancient crystal minerals and granites. Along the southern shore, the Shantalyk coastal mountainous ridge is passing 4 m wide forming high rocky capes near the shores. The Kholodyanka (Cold) cape is high and rocky covered by dark coniferous forest, the Zeliony (Green) cape is the place where the mountainous spurs form a rocky cliff Zeliony (Green) the Bilyutinsky cape is made of schist, which was used by ancient people of Pribaikalye for making stone tools, grinding bars. There is no motor-way in the plot between Ust-Barguzin and a tourist camp Maksimikha. In some places, one can meet the remains of old Barguzin road and a footpath. There are also some fishers` winter houses.
The part of the Barguzin bay situated in the northern side of the mouth of the Barguzin river and including Myakhkaya (Soft) Karga with the longest sandy beach at Baikal transiting to the Chivyrkuy isthmus and the eastern shore of the peninsula Holy Nose belong to the Zabaikalsky national park.
The road from the cordon of the national park passes the Bormashovye lakes, Myakhkaya Karga to the crossing in the place of Barguzinsky Kultuk (in Evenk “ugol” – “corner”). From the crossing of this road the one leading to the right passes to the Chivyrkuy bay, another to the left goes to the place of Glinka. There used to be a large fishery station, in 1998 a tourist complex “Glinka-lodge” was built, but it doesn`t work now. A footpath goes up from Glinka to the mountain “Vidovka” and further to the mountainous plateau of the Holy Nose peninsula. In the middle of the Myakhkaya Karga, there is a view tower.
The “Barguzin” wind blowing along the Barguzin valley in the bay always brings fine weather. The wind “Kultuk” blowing in the Barguzin valley from the south of Baikal brings nasty weather.
The Barguzin bay is one of the most attractive places for recreation.